Sunday, January 4, 2015

Revolution to Independence


: a sudden, extreme, or complete change in the way people live, work, etc.

I've never been serious about my savings. I always plan on saving. I always remind myself to set aside a little extra for emergency use. I keep a piggy bank. I have a bank account. I. do. not. have. savings.

Sure, I can get what I want. I save up for things I want to buy. I don't have debts or money issues. It's just that, I am not financially independent, which is a totally different thing. I can never boast of a hefty bank account. Heck, my piggy bank is even empty right now! I do have bottles with coins in them, but still, that's not something I should be proud of. If I were living on my my own, chances are, I'd be starving to death in a couple of days. Sad but true.

I'm in my late 20's and I'm at that point in my life that I have come assessing my life decisions. What if something happens to me, who will support my younger brother's college (no I don't currently support him financially, and nope, he's not yet in college)? What if something happens to my parents, will their savings be enough to cover the expenses? Do they even have savings?

I was writing down my 2015 goals and noticed that a lot of it involved, at least, having to have money. And then it hit me: "money matters". Considering I'm currently unemployed, where do I get my funds from? How do I generate funds? I want the money to come from my own pocket, so some action needs to be done here.

So I decided to act. Of course, there's that part that I need to have a source of income, but that's a different story. My point right now is how to manage what I have, and how to optimize the money that I will soon be earning.

And because I don't always take things seriously, I have come up with this blog in order to chronicle my not-so-drastic-but-I-expect-it-to-be-extreme change in lifestyle (thus the REVOLUTION). I will always update, that way, I'll be able to force myself to make a progress report. Assuming there'd be progress, of course. But there MUST be PROGRESS. And THERE WILL BE. Crossing fingers. And toes. And everything else.

How will I be bulking up my savings? A job. A business. The stock market.

So join me in my soon to be struggles and (mis)adventures as I journey towards my financial independence. This is the revolution then, I suppose.

Love, S.png

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